EaglePoint LifeGroup Leader Resources

We want our LifeGroup Leaders to have all the resources possible to lead well. We have moved to Sermon Based LifeGroups. We believe it is easier to have our EaglePoint family focused on one main teaching from scripture each week. Pastor Todd is writing companion Leader Guides that go deeper into the Sunday Teaching each week to use for facilitating discussion and growth toward discipleship.



As 2019 begins, Pastor Todd will be talking to us about the importance of discipleship and how it is fleshed out in the lives of Christ followers. We are going to be taking several weeks and looking at the foundational understanding that every believer should have concerning the gospel, the church, prayer, baptism, communion, the bible, and gospel obedience. The notes for this series will be linked below…


Finally Free: A Study In Galatians

Paul warned the Galatian people to watch out for false teachers. He had a love for the people of Galatia and did not want them to be swayed by those who intended to twisted truth. In our world, the truth is seldom straight. The notes for this series will be linked below…