PASTOR TODD does an incredible job of teaching us the Word of God. His sermons are timely, insightful, and applicable to our daily lives. Our most recent teaching series are listed below.

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During this series, we will be spending several weeks looking at what Jesus taught as He ministered around the Sea of Galilee. Exciting times in the life and ministry of Jesus!

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FREEDOM - A Study in Galatians

In this series we are walking through Paul's letter to the churches in Galatia.  The theme of this letter is FREEDOM.  The gospel frees us from the bondage of sin and empowers us to live as we were created to live - in Christ!

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We had an amazing time celebrating Mothers this week! It was another great time of parents dedicating their children to the Lord. We hope you are challenged by today’s message!


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What an amazing day at EaglePoint Church! We had a great time of worship with amazing music, lots of guests and EaglePoint family, many commitments to Christ, and an incredible time in the Word.

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This week we took a look into the last week of the life of Jesus. What all did He experience? Friendship…adoration…exaltation…betrayal…scourging…beaten…spit upon…the cross. What a Savior! To experience all of this to provide a way for us…



Our series, Foundations, is based on the 7 things every Christian should know and understand. We are commanded to be disciples who make disciples. Check out this series for foundational basics!




In November, 2018, we looked into what the Bible has to say about money. We started with how to view money, how to work for it, managing it well, and being genereous. This series issued a challenge for all to see how to honor God with the use of our money!



Christmas at EaglePoint is always an amazingly fun time of worship and celebration! We had special missionary guests sharing in our first service of the month. Because of their place of service, for their protection, we cannot share this service. Our Children sing on Week 2 and our EaglePoint Family Christmas service will be Week 4!